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Welcome to Awali Golf Club, Bahrain

AGC: where having fun is the priority, relaxation the reason and playing golf the means. Play as a Member or as a visitor (only BD8.500 to access the course for a day) and we welcome players of any ability (we have a resident Professional to help you improve). AGC is located east of Awali village, about 30 minutes drive from Manama (the capital of Bahrain).

The 6309 yard par-70 desert course of rock fairways and sand/oil greens, Clubhouse and all other facilities are maintained by Bapco as a recreational outlet for its employees, with Associate-Guest membership available for others.

AGC is truly one for its members, run by the magnanimous voluntary efforts of our Committee and helpers, prospering due to the commitment of our major sponsor Bapco, the generosity of our other Sponsors and the dedication of our staff.

Surprisingly, the Clubhouse and terrace often lacks polite banter and genteel behaviour, especially at competition prize-givings. If we had a motto, perhaps it would be "AGC - for golfers who wish to play, rather than be seen to play: check your ego at the door".
52nd Bahrain Open & 27th Bahrain Ladies Open (held in March 2015)More ...

It is not only the Club's 77th anniversary in 2015, but is the year in which we held (Friday/Saturday March 13th/14th) the 52nd occasion of our most prestigious competition - the Bahrain Open Championship.

The Bahrain Open started from small beginnings in 1964 and was the first Open Championship for individual players in the Gulf region.

The Championship has continued over the years with competitors from Bahrain and many other international locations (see the history, a summary of previous prize-winners, report and photos from the 52nd Open Day 1 & Day 2). Nasser Yacoub became the Bahrain Open winner for the sixth time this season, 19 years after his first Open Championship win in 1996. The hole-by-hole scores (all players) are here.

The beginning of March 2015 also witnessed the 27th outing of the Bahrain Ladies Open Championship competition. The Ladies Open commenced in 1987 (see the history and a summary of all previous prize winners).
   The Championship was won by AGC's Lynn St Lawrence who commented that her success was due to having great playing partners and a fun time, treating the event just like any other weekend competition.
   See the report, and photos for Day 1 & Day 2.

AGC's 2014/15 season (1st August 2014 - 31st July 2015)More ...

We believe our current site became fully operational during 1938, and so we enter the year of our 77th anniversary in 2015. As an example of the Club's long history, we have records of the winners of our most impressive trophy, the Kingsbury Cup, all the way back to the 1938/39 season.

Within this season's calendar we have the usual busy year of main competitions, together with some accompanying social/other events, providing everybody with a chance to wack a golf-ball, no matter how good or bad you are. This season also sees a once-monthly (on a Saturday) competition for non-handicappers, intended to help beginners gain more experience. May be even competence.
All the news etc - latest 23rd June 2015
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End September - Season opening
President vs Captain Team matchplay
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The 2014/15 competition playing season has ended. The first competition of the 2015/16 season will be the President vs Captain Team matchplay, held towards the end of September. Further details will be announced nearer the time, after the first issue of the new season's schedule of events.
Main Events
Non-handicapper & Social Events
NextClinic with Professional9am Tues 4th Aug
NextWednesday Wackers9am Weds 2nd Sept
NextBall-Sweep3pm this Saturday
NextNon-Handicappers Comp8am Sat 24th Oct
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